Mashgin Integration for Optimized Digital Payment and Checkout

Mashgin x Venuetize (1)

Mashgin, the AI-based touchless self-checkout company, has integrated with the Venuetize Mobile Wallet to offer optimized digital payment and checkout for the sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries.

Mashgin’s touchless payment system removes wait times and barcodes from the guest journey, and when our systems are integrated, users can seamlessly earn, redeem, and pay via self-checkout using their Venuetize Mobile Wallet. This in-venue point of sale purchasing experience is available across food and beverage, and merchandise and live today with the San Jose Sharks and the Oakland A's, with additional deployments scheduled.


“Our integration with Mashgin is core to optimizing digital payments and checkout. This supports our continued innovation journey to enable new mobile experiences for our clients and we look forward to the innovative work we will accomplish together.”

-Lindsay St. Lawrence, Chief Product Officer at Venuetize

"We're incredibly excited to be working with Venuetize to offer customers a faster checkout experience at venues while maintaining the perks of being devoted fans. This partnership helps venues understand more about their customers across touch points, allowing venues to create more personalized experiences for fans."

-Jack Hogan, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Mashgin, Inc.


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