Deliver a seamless, digital experience to your guests  

We are the glue that holds the ecosystem together, giving you a reliable, scalable, and secure cloud environment. Our platform drives engagement by identifying users, communicating and rewarding them, and delivering the right content that you determine via Content Management System (CMS). The orchestration of our components, whether in-house to Venuetize or through third-party integration, optimizes the delivery of those seamless customer experiences.

Platform Components
  • Identity (key component to tie together the experience)
  • Ticketing Integrations for Identity, Ticket Management and Ticket Benefits (Loaded Value and Discounts)
  • Content
  • Mobile Wallet (Rewards and Incentives)
  • Mobile Ordering for In-seat Delivery and Express Pick-up
  • Maps & Wayfinding
  • Push Notifications & Messaging
MLB One Sheeter


Connect payment methods, membership, and rewards through our platform

Your guests have many options when it comes to transacting with you. Our white-labeled wallet allows you to offer your guests a unique way to pay across multiple brand touchpoints, such as food & beverage, merchandise, and parking. The digital wallet supports all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, stored value, loaded value, digital gift cards, discounting and more. The rewards & incentives capabilities tied to the wallet allow you to reward, deliver, and incentivize across channels and experiences in a unified way.

We give you the flexibility to deploy the wallet natively with Venuetize, third-party native solutions, third-party ordering solutions, and beyond the app experience into web. Combined with our integrated mobile ordering solution, guests can browse menus for food, beverage, and merchandise, place orders, make in-app payments, get real-time notifications on order status, and even have orders delivered directly to their seats – all from their device.


Own your mobile channel and drive year-round engagement

Reach your guests where they are the most – their mobile devices. With a native mobile application, you can own the experience of your users and benefit from the insights on their behavior to drive greater personalization. We can also deploy our solutions into an already existing third-party application or in a web browser environment for select solution components requiring no mobile application at all.

Utilize your mobile channel to drive year-round engagement and a better on-site experience, while activating sponsorships for your partners in new ways.



Hear From Our Customers

"By using the Venuetize platform for the LAFC mobile app, we have the flexibility to integrate solutions from all of our partners with amazing speed and agility. They're always working with me to push the limits and add new integrations to keep us ahead of the curve."

- Christian Lau
CTO, Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)