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Choosing a mobile partner that understands your unique brand is only one click away.

Identify and Reach


Communicate smarter with your guests

When using our platform, you have the ability to capture your customer data: their likes, habits, and preferences. You can use this to apply data and analytics, create advanced user segmentation, targeted marketing, and ultimately drive revenue.

Give your VIPs, Season Ticket Members, or specific groups a unique experience. We've partnered with companies like Apple, Ticketmaster, and Facebook for an easy sign on process, to be able to recognize your key demographics and segments.


Connect payment methods, membership, and rewards

The Venuetize Mobile Wallet supports all major credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, loyalty and membership cards, stored value cards, loaded value, digital gift cards, and more.

Your members and most loyal customers deserve a premium experience. Our rewards & incentives power native mobile loyalty, membership, and rewards programs that emphasize personal relevance, ease of use, clear incentives, and long-term relationships.

With mobile ordering, guests can browse menus for food, beverage, and merchandise, place orders, make in-app payments, get real-time notifications on order status, and even have orders delivered directly to their seats - all from their device.

Times are changing with casinos and sports betting, and we have you covered. Make a wager or bet any time, any place -- while using our betting module.

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Technology Ecosystem


185+ Integrations which give you flexibility to choose

With the Venuetize mobile platform (PaaS) manage all your information systems and integrations in one place.

With our CMS, deliver the content you choose – audio, video, photos, stats, highlights, augmented reality, virtual reality, user generated content, and more – with flexibility for users to favorite, share via social, and stay increasingly engaged with your brand.

Customer Stories

Hear From Our Customers

"By using the Venuetize platform for the LAFC mobile app, we have the flexibility to integrate solutions from all of our partners with amazing speed and agility. They're always working with me to push the limits and add new integrations to keep us ahead of the curve."

- Christian Lau
CTO, Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)

PGA Tour Logo

“The PGA TOUR app has become a central point for a larger initiative – not just segmenting our fan base, but driving their experience at TOUR events and ensuring we get them to come back. We’re working to change the relationship from a passive scoring experience to a two-way communication.”

- Ali Quinn
Sr. Product Manager, PGA TOUR

As we continue to prepare for the reopening of AMALIE Arena, it has been critical to have a partner who not only provides us with a contactless way to transact throughout our venue, but can also layer on season ticket member discounts, rewards, and corporate partner offers. Venuetize is a vital partner to us at VSG as we continue to work on providing our fans with the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

- Jarrod Dillon
CRO/CMO, Vinik Sports Group

“Venuetize has been a pro-active partner in identifying new functionality and building a roadmap to implement new features to delight our guests.”

- Adam Borden 
VP Digital Marketing, Live! Casino & Hotels