Airship Partnership: Product Enhancement of Push Notifications & Messaging

Contributed by Lindsay St. Lawrence 

VZ Airship copy

We are continuously investing in ways to enable clients to better engage with their fans, consumers, and users via our solution, moving to a “customer engagement platform.”


We’ve partnered with best-in-class market solution, Airship, for enterprise delivery of push notifications powered by the advanced Audience Segmentation from Venuetize. Audiences are synced between systems in real-time to deliver the right message, at the right time. What about users not opted-in for push notifications? We’ve implemented a message center and in-app messaging to continue to deliver messaging in a non-obtrusive way to ensure all users are delivered communications.


Valuable data, such as how users interact with the product, is orchestrated between Venuetize and Airship so we can better communicate, benefit and reward, and provide new experiences in a more personalized way.


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