GenOne Media Group and Venuetize Deliver Content and Interstitial Advertising Via Mobile Lifestyle App

April 19, 2018 (Tampa, FL) | GenOne Media Group, developer and distributor of the Smarter LifeStyle Network, has chosen the Venuetize platform to deliver its mobile app and content to medical offices, dental waiting rooms, and beauty salons nationwide. Leveraging the Venuetize Mobile Engagement Platform, GenOne Media will deliver highly targeted lifestyle video content – and associated interstitial advertising – as part of its patient and customer engagement offering.

Smarter LifeStyle Network allows health practitioners and salons to engage patients and clients at the point of care by providing healthy living content while they’re waiting. By partnering with Venuetize, GenOne Media is able to deliver a better experience via a native mobile app on tablets and mobile phones and to monetize the content via highly effective, targeted, contextual advertising.

“Our typical customer sees more than 2000 patients or customers per month, with an average wait time of 24 minutes,” said Christine Martier, CEO of GenOne Media Group and the Smarter LifeStyle Network. “Our content allows them to engage their clients during that wait time – and to deliver useful information and relevant product offers. Partnering with Venuetize has allowed us to bring the experience to personal mobile devices so our brands can continue to interact with their customers year-round – and to make the offers even more relevant, timely, and actionable.”

The Venuetize mobile platform features powerful content, location, and contextual awareness capabilities, along with a mobile wallet, loyalty and customer engagement tools, and sophisticated analytics that allow brands to offer truly personalized experiences to their customers. For GenOne Media and the Smarter LifeStyle Network, this translates into a powerful mobile app that leverages the user’s location, interests and behaviors to offer the most relevant content, along with highly targeted advertising and purchasing capabilities.

“Contextual awareness and proximity are key to delivering a truly personalized offering,” said Jon Romm, CEO and co-founder of Venuetize. “With GenOne Media Group, we provide a customized experience in some of the most personal places people visit. By delivering the right content and product offers to the right people, everyone across the supply chain benefits – including the consumer. We are thrilled to leverage our platform’s capabilities, and our team’s experience with video and interstitial advertising, to deliver valuable content nationwide through the Smarter LifeStyle Network.”

The Venuetize executive team has vast experience in the areas of video transmission, live sports backhaul and global transmission rights for a range of entertainment brands, including major sports leagues including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and Premier League, as well as global events such as the Olympics. Co-founders Jon Romm, CEO, and Karri Zaremba, COO have a combined 40 years of experience focused on global content rights aggregation and multiplatform distribution for sports teams, studios, and other entertainment brands.

About The Smarter LifeStyle Network and GenOne Media Group

Smarter LifeStyle Network is an out-of-home media network that allows health practitioners and salons the ability to earn revenue from their wait and processing spaces for the first time ever while delivering their own customized consumer-driven content in the waiting area. Through the use of data, salon owners and healthcare professionals are provided with a powerful tool to increase client or patient satisfaction.

GenOne Media Group, Inc., is an interactive media company focused on helping organizations provide the optimal client experience while increasing revenue through an interactive television network. Patent-pending software and hardware designs have been developed to be inviting to the user. GenOne Media aims to give patients and clients a voice while supplying the opportunity to collect valuable data and put it to use in ways that will positively impact the consumer experience. The goal is to create a valuable two-way conversation that helps organizations increase their bottom line through revenue share and higher customer satisfaction. For more information, visit


About Venuetize

Venuetize makes the way people experience spaces easier, enjoyable and more personal. The company’s mobile platform integrates with existing venue infrastructure to deliver mobile wallets, contextual advertising and information, and other applications that improve and innovate the fan experience. Founded in 2014, Venuetize works with leading sports teams, arenas, municipalities and destinations throughout North America. For more information, visit