Meet Team Venuetize: Clayton Griffin

Clayton Griffin is our Customer Support Director. He is responsible for the Customer Support as well as setting up and maintaining our CMS system configuration.

Why do you do what you do?

I love technology, working with people and solving problems. I have always tried to help people and working in support I have found ways to help people in a variety of ways.  I got started in the career by working as a Medicaid field agent after college. After Medicaid, I went to work at an IBM helpdesk where I started to learn about support centers.  After IBM, I worked for PwC, Tata Consultancy Services and several startups where I continued to grow the skills for leading a support team.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love that the position has been about more than just customer support. I enjoy the fact that I have been able to get involved in different areas of the company, such as configurations, and work with, and learn from, outstanding people.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

I love to cook. Specifically, I love to BBQ. I am constantly working on improving my technique and recipes. The biggest challenge is getting the brisket just right but I am also starting to smoke various vegetables.

What’s something very few people know about you?

I am a double ruby member of the National Forensic League. My senior year in high school, at State Student Congress, I presented a resolution to do away the monetary system. The idea was to get rid of physical currency in support of electronic transactions.

What’s your favorite escape?

My favorite escape is books. I have always loved to read. As a kid I would read several books a week. I really enjoyed books like Danny Dunn, Mike Mars, The Hardy Boys, and Alfred Hitchcock and the 3 Investigators. Today I have a stack of books that I need to finish from the Wheel of Time series and get caught up on the Song of Ice and Fire series.