Sponsorship Opportunities in a Mobile-First Strategy

Contributed by Sam Yarin, Sr. Solutions Engineer

As organizations look to build upon their mobile-first strategies, they must think differently about sponsorship and mobile assets. There is a huge opportunity to drive more revenue and underwrite the technology investment through sponsorship whether guests are physically or virtually participating.

We want to share some examples on how Venuetize clients are using their mobile real estate and technology platform to drive relevant sponsorship opportunities.

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Naming Rights Title Sponsor on App
For large sponsorships, naming rights or the launch screen can be used to promote a brand. The PGA TOUR highlights TaylorMade as the main sponsor for their launch screen. They also have other sponsors integrated into the experience.

eCommerce Sponsor
The Texas Rangers use Mobile Ordering to activate for their sponsor 7-Eleven (7NOW) to get guests thinking about them in the mobile and delivery space.

Sponsored Wallet
There’s the opportunity to provide value based on type of credit card, bank, or other sponsored value ($25 value for loading Chase credit card, 10% off by using Mastercard, etc.) This not only drives people to upload their credit card and use it, but also allows the organization to collect rich transactional data, and increase their odds of the obtaining the highly coveted “top of (digital) wallet” spot.

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Individual Feature Sponsors
The District Detroit uses a relevant transportation angle by the "Getting here sponsored by Chevy”. Also, organizations can promote their preferred rideshare partners such as Uber and Lyft. Parking is another area of the mobile experience that we are seeing as a highly sponsor-friendly asset.

We’ve seen many clients in the past few months add gamification or trivia to their application to drive traffic, even though venues have been closed. New corporate partners may be interested in opportunities like this, but also long-standing partners who may already have a contract in place and looking to pivot for a more digital activation rather than physical.

Geo-Fenced Push Notification Offers Pre or Post Event
We see clients using geo-fenced push notifications in order to deliver information or sponsored content at the right time someone would want to receive it. For example, a guest arrives at a venue and a push notification is sent with an offer to make their first food and beverage order and have it delivered to their seat. Taking it to another level this push notification could link out to an instructional video that shows first time users how to setup and use the Mobile Ordering solution and the different options available.

Stories, Articles, or Advertising Prior to Video
For sponsored driven content, an organization may want to have all of their stories, articles, or videos sponsored by a partner. Another option is to just offer sponsorships to the premium content.

In-App Advertisements
Banner ads and ad-serving engine are also two ways to drive quick and relevant advertisements in app.

Digital and Geo-Fenced Autographs
Another example of innovation rising up during a time of crises in our industry, we are working with a company Syn’d (https://getsynd.com) that allows professional athletes, entertainment stars, etc., take a selfie, sign-it, and then deliver it to certain pre-defined segments. This is a highly sponsor-friendly asset and another example of a creative way to reach fans during this period of little to no live events. We think this use case will be valuable even when venues are back at full capacity.


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