Webinar: Districts, Mobile, & Engagement

Original webinar date: April 30, 2019


  • Elinor Klavens, Sr. Analyst @Sports Innovation Lab
  • Craig Duncan, CRO @Venuetize
  • Dwight Eppinger, Director of Digital Marketing & Analytics @Olympia Entertainment | Detroit Red Wings

Today’s multi-use entertainment district presents a prime opportunity for leveraging mobile technology to personalize visitor interaction, optimize the experience, and ultimately drive a more loyal and engaged audience.

The following webinar snippets cover important intel from The District Detroit and Venuetize, with research presented from the Sports Innovation Lab.

Highlight 1: What do the building blocks look like for those who are starting out?

Highlight 2 -How do you find the right partners? 

Highlight 3 –  Why TDD Chose Venuetize

Highlight 4 – How Venuetize Thinks About Personalization

Highlight 5 – Why build The District Detroit app? New revenue opportunities