Hit the Jackpot with In-app Sports Betting

Through our integrations with Triggy and Bettorlogic, the Venuetize Sports Betting Module educates, recommends, and grants one-click access to live betting opportunities. By presenting sports betting in an easily digestible and contextually driven format, novice bettors are encouraged to play along as an additional feature of the live event experience.




  • Convert Fans: Present sports betting in an easily digestible and contextually driven format, encouraging novice bettors to play along as another feature of the live event experience.
  • Increase App Usage: Engage fans pre-game and in-play with live game updates, recommendations, and betting specific content.
  • Add Revenue Streams: Share of revenues when sports betting partners (Triggy, Bettorlogic) convert fans into bettors with a sports betting operator.
  • Boost Value for Sponsors: (1) Increased app usage is a valuable asset for sponsors; (2) Customer acquisition (ability to create wagering accounts) has greater value than branding only advertising



  • NextBets Recommendations: Delivers sports betting content into a team app – including live odds, betting alerts and historical data to help fans make better betting choices.
  • Operator Agnostic: Venuetize can work with any sportsbook. FanDuel, Draft Kings, BetMGM, Caesars, etc.
  • Customized Alerts: Alerts are customized based on user interest and prior betting data to provide relevant betting opportunities that extend beyond just odds.
  • Real-Time Stats
  • Multi-Language Support

Hear From Our Customers

"By using the Venuetize platform for the LAFC mobile app, we have the flexibility to integrate solutions from all of our partners with amazing speed and agility. They're always working with me to push the limits and add new integrations to keep us ahead of the curve."

- Christian Lau
CTO, Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC)

PGA Tour Logo

“The PGA TOUR app has become a central point for a larger initiative – not just segmenting our fan base, but driving their experience at TOUR events and ensuring we get them to come back. We’re working to change the relationship from a passive scoring experience to a two-way communication.”

- Ali Quinn
Sr. Product Manager, PGA TOUR

“Grizzlies fans are at the heart of what we do and we are constantly looking to provide them with the latest in technology. By partnering with Venuetize, we've had the ability to scale the existing solution with eCommerce, gaming, and augmented reality - and soon to come Mobile Wallet, Mobile Ordering, and Sports Betting.”

- Rolanda Gregory
Vice President, Marketing

As we continue to prepare for the reopening of AMALIE Arena, it has been critical to have a partner who not only provides us with a contactless way to transact throughout our venue, but can also layer on season ticket member discounts, rewards, and corporate partner offers. Venuetize is a vital partner to us at VSG as we continue to work on providing our fans with the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

- Jarrod Dillon
CRO/CMO, Vinik Sports Group

“Venuetize has been a pro-active partner in identifying new functionality and building a roadmap to implement new features to delight our guests.”

- Adam Borden 
VP Digital Marketing, Live! Casino & Hotels

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