Venuetize Safety & Security Solution

Venuetize Safety & Security Solutions (formerly Rapid Responder by Prepared Response) offer both a consumer-facing and enterprise All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management System. The platform securely stores and shares emergency operating procedures and response plans used by facility staff and first responders. Our DHS SAFETY Act certified solution allows users to effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency.


Critical Facility Information

Keep relevant information – contact details for all teams and security leads; inventory lists of safety equipment, devices, and cameras; and locations of exit doors, elevators and roof access – easily accessible in an emergency, when time is of the essence.

Event & Incident Readiness

Be ready for critical incidents by assembling event, tactical response, and first responder plans. With event and incident checklists, role assignments, inspection records, and venue staging plans, the Venuetize Safety & Security Solution provides everything necessary to successfully execute drills or real-life responses.

Communicate & Collaborate

Ensure internal and first responder teams can communicate throughout an incident. Our Critical Information Management System allows team members to initiate and respond to alerts, and easily communicate by sharing photos and posting locations. During a drill or incident, our enterprise interface also provides access to critical facility information including evacuation plans, staging areas, structural information, and hazardous materials.

Recover & Report

Measure the effectiveness of your response and support a quick return to standard operations. Our suite of modules provides a methodized approach to completing reports accurately, summarizes all event activities and personnel involved, and makes it easy to assess performance.


Market Verticals


The Venuetize Safety & Security module is among the most widely deployed school crisis management system in the U.S., currently in use at more than 12,000 K-12 school facilities and other campuses across the country.



The Venuetize solution integrates with existing security software to help you prepare for and respond to emergency situations, and includes a range of features including two-way, real-time communications, tip reporting, safe places & safe walk, and an Incident Command System.


Make it faster and easier to respond to any emergency. With Venuetize Safety & Security solutions, you can add a security layer to IoT devices, smart buildings, and connected cities.


Ensure your guests’ safety with a comprehensive system that allows you to prepare, respond and report on any incident.


More than 1300 public safety agencies use Venuetize’s Safety & Security module to store and update threat assessment and vulnerability mitigation plans, as well as to design anti-terrorism response plans for all threat vectors.


Respond to emergencies and ensure shoppers’ safety with a system that collects, manages and distributes emergency response and business continuity plans and facilitates communication and information sharing among staff and first responders.

Venuetize offers 24/7 support for its Safety & Security solutions.

In an emergency, please call 253-272-1483.