Transferring Tickets and Benefits Is a Snap at AMALIE Arena

AMALIE Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, is among professional sports teams and venues incorporating new technologies to engage with their fans in fresh and innovative ways that create a comprehensive approach to fan engagement.  Among their priorities is providing a premium experience to season ticket holders and pioneering creative and compelling use cases that incorporate their sponsors.

One of the key, innovative features in the AMALIE Arena app is a feature-rich mobile wallet, which not only enables guests to purchase concessions and merchandise from their smartphones, but also allows Lightning Season Ticket Members to enjoy their discounts or even transfer their discounts to other guests when they forward their game tickets, all without the need to use or have to deliver a physical discount card. It also helps to position and promote key sponsors through promotions, such as offering fans an automatic $25 credit in their mobile wallet when they upload a Chase credit or debit card.

The new mobile experience also offers visitors to AMALIE Arena an overall enhanced driveway-to-driveway experience, delivering the capability to search for arena events by event type; purchase, use, and forward event tickets; and discover and purchase upgrades and experiences at the arena.

Learn more about the AMALIE Arena mobile app here.