What We Do

Core Services

Modular. Scalable. Expandable. Reliable.

Simply put, Venuetize takes your revenue generating products, services, and content and delivers them in a seamless mobile-first experience to the end consumer or patron. Our platform allows users to more deeply experience and interact with your brand or product, resulting in higher utilization, touch, and ultimately higher revenue per patron.

Using our market-ready, cloud-based platform, we provide innovative, mobile-first solutions that are dynamic, interactive, and social, experience-driven, and lifestyle-oriented. Our platform offers a centralized orchestration layer connecting various venue services, disparate infrastructure, systems, and bi-directional data and analytics to dynamically serve up contextually-relevant and personalized content, experiences, and services to users via their mobile devices. A user’s context is derived by combining time, location-detection sensors, self-identified preferences, and user behavioral analytics. And the result is an unparalleled engine powering personalized user experiences and targeted customer engagement.



We wake up and check our smart phones. What’s the latest news? What’s today’s weather forecast? What events are happening? Where are my friends and what are they up to? At Venuetize, we connect all of these content sources and more to give users the information they care about most.


Location Detection

Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, you have different needs. At Venuetize, a user’s location and context are essential inputs to customizing a unique user experience. That’s why we support the broadest number and types of proximity sensors on the market today, all under one centralized and intuitive content management system.


Mobile Wallet

Convenient. Easy. Simple. Quick. Venuetize’s Mobile Wallet offers a comprehensive solution for cashless payments that users can organize, store, and access on their mobile device. Our Mobile Wallet supports all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, loyalty and membership cards, stored value cards, loaded value, digital versions of physical gift cards, and more… all in one place.


Mobile Ordering

Venuetize’s Mobile Ordering module enables users to make restaurant reservations, browse menus for food, beverage, and merchandise, place orders, make in-app or online payments, get real-time notifications related to order status, and even have orders delivered directly to their seats – all from their smart phones.


Driveway to Driveway

Many variables go into our daily transportation planning. Venuetize’s Driveway to Driveway features enable users to choose how they want to get to and from their destination from a range of options, including public transportation, ride sharing (Uber, Lyft), or driving their own vehicle. Value-added functionality includes driving directions, voice commands, and real-time alerts (Waze) on police, accidents, road hazards, and traffic jams.



Venuetize’s Ticketing module is vendor-agnostic and supports integrations with multiple third party ticketing systems and related services, including Ticketmaster, Tickets.com, and Experience. Our Ticketing module powers a user’s ability to manage their tickets, view and scan a digital ticket from their mobile device for access control at live events, digitally transfer tickets, and even conduct in-app ticket purchases leveraging our Mobile Wallet, including upgrades and experiences. When combined with our Proximity Marketing module, our platform can be configured to automatically serve up a digital ticket token for a user approaching a ticketing turnstile, through dynamic deep linking within a mobile app, even when the user does not have the app open or if it’s in the background.


Loyalty and Rewards

Successful brands know that we are creatures of habit, and loyalty and rewards programs reinforce habits. At Venuetize, we power native mobile loyalty and rewards programs that emphasize personal relevance, ease of use, speed of service, clear incentives, and long-term relationships.


Navigation - Wayfinding

Empower users to orient themselves within your venue, locate points of interest, receive navigation assistance, and understand estimated transit times. Venuetize offers an easy and intuitive mobile solution that supports interactive maps, dynamic directions, recommended routes, search and filtering, and contextual details on points of interest to create an optimized mobility experience.



Venuetize makes parking a frictionless experience. With our mobile Parking module, users can search for available on-street or lot/garage spots in real-time, pre-pay or reserve spaces, enjoy voice commands and navigation assistance, and enjoy cashless and even automatic payment options upon departure – all from their handheld device.


Safety & Security

Let Venuetize’s Safety & Security Module help your venue achieve higher levels of safety for your visitors. Our robust security features assist your facility, operations, and security teams to access critical information, view live heat maps of high traffic areas, send mass notifications of evacuation routes and maps, annotate digital floor plans, store digital emergency plans, and collaborate with first responders. Our Safety & Security Module also allows users to report tips, capture and send images, opt-in for safety monitoring, and chat with security teams regarding on-going situations.


Rich Data & Analytics

At Venuetize, we understand how critical actionable data and analytics are to running a successful business. We know our customers share similar goals – the need to understand their patrons’ purchasing patterns, attendance behavior, in-venue activities, interests and preferences, and other information that supports their ability to improve their customers’ experiences. Venuetize is here to help you get all of your mobile data – in one spot. Our back-end analytics dashboard empowers our clients to manage retention, create advanced user segmentation, discover new patrons, identify upsell opportunities, and appeal to new and existing sponsors.