Venuetize Provides A Personalized Sports And Entertainment Fan Experience

Venuetize Provides A Personalized Sports And Entertainment Fan Experience

Venuetize Screen Cap Nov 2017

Company name: Venuetize

Founder(s): Jon Romm, CEO; Karri Zaremba, COO

Headquarters: Tampa, FL


1. What is your elevator pitch?

Venuetize is a mobile technology company that allows shopping, dining, entertainment, and sports venues to deliver an innovative and personalized consumer experience. The company’s mobile platform integrates with existing venue infrastructure to deliver mobile wallets, contextual advertising and information, and other applications that improve and innovate the guest experience. The platform empowers businesses to acquire, retain, and monetize users by creating a comprehensive approach to visitor engagement. The company works with leading sports teams, stadiums and arenas, municipalities, and destinations throughout North America.

2. Problem & Solution

High traffic, high-value venues – sports arenas, shopping districts, transportation hubs, and others, have evolved with a diverse set of incompatible systems that are integral to operations. However, because of the diverse nature of the technology, it can be challenging to harness these disparate systems to optimize the consumer experience. Venuetize has built an interoperable ecosystem of more than 100 third party systems, a scalable platform, and a rich set of feature modules including: a mobile wallet; location-detection and proximity marketing; safety and security; and building automation. The company’s flexible, and extensible platform allows customers to leverage their siloed systems to both improve the consumer experience, and increase revenue opportunity.


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